Is It Stupid to go Gambling?

There are plenty writings and plenty has been talked about the issues of gambling by people that make themselves the guardians of morality, who explain how people have destroyed their lives, how they’ve gone broke and went on to alcoholism as a result. Much has been talked about the odds of beating the casinos and how it’s impossible. So, is gambling always bad and stupid and are you an idiot to go to Las Vegas or find an online casino to play some roulette, blackjack or slots?

Is It Stupid to go Gambling?

I have one simple answer to this: gambling is stupid as long as the person that does it is stupid enough to let it become a problem. This is the main reason why it is pegged as a vice. Too many people have allowed it to become a problem for them and have become addicted to it. In such cases they have even spent all their life savings on their favorite roulette ot poker game. If you are a person prone to addiction, then you are doomed from the very start. Gambling shouldn’t be a problem. Just take a look at all of those professional poker players making a fortune from playing poker or casino games in general.

But, let’s face it. There are many other stupid or common everyday things that are a potential danger to stupud people. It’s all about having control over your activities. Be aware and do not act compulsively. Therefore, gambling won’t be stupid for you at all.

Is It Stupid to go Gambling 2

Instead of becoming a stupid gambler, make it your fun past-time activity where you get to relax from a long day of work without letting it ruing your life. Why do people have to ruin gambling for the rest of us that gamble responsibly? Is it so hard to learn how to control your money and spending? Let me show you how easy it is: you have a $20 budget, you’ve lost the $20, that’s all. Just walk away. Don’t turn that loss into a $1,000 losing spree just because you wanted to make up for the initial $20. Be smart damit! Go on with your life, return tomorrow with another $20 and with a little bit of luck you can make those into $40, $50 or $60 and make up for your loss from the other day.

The great thing about playing at online casinos is that they provide measures to people that are prone to developing a gambling problem. For example, you can ask the casino officials through customer support to exclude you for a week, two weeks, a month or to even delete your account. Or, you can ask them to limit your spending activities so that you can’t deposit or wager over a certain amount. Moreover they provide info and links to great organizations that help problem gamblers.

Gambling is a natural activity that has existed ever since horses were domesticated. Gambling has been around us for thousands of years it will never die. It’s in the human nature to gamble because taking a risk and the adrenaline boost thereof is amazing. It makes us feel the exciting and alive. Furthermore, it makes us feel like winners. So, gamble responsibly and don’t ruin it for the rest of us! Be aware of your actions.

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