Soccer (Football) Betting Guide

Long time has passed since Sports betting has become an integral part of soccer, going back all the way to the very beginnings of soccer. It shouldn’t be any wonder to you that the majority of people that love soccer around the world are more or less betting on this sport actively.

Types of Soccer Bets

The demand for soccer betting is pretty much high, so in order for betting operators to be able to respond to that demand, they offer different types of soccer bets. Here is a brief look into several of the most common types.

Money Line

The money line bets include betting on three different outcomes: betting on each of the teams to win, or betting that the end result will be a draw. Money line bets usually cover only the regular 90 minutes in a soccer game. Any result coming from over-time is not valid. This rule may vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.


This is a very popular NFL bet, but sportsbooks use it for soccer too. So, for every soccer game, sportsbooks set a possible total number of goals that may be scored. Your aim is to guess if both teams will score over or under that set total. For example, the total is mostly set at 2.5. If you bet over, than the total needs to be 3 or more goals, but if you bet under, the total needs to be 2 goals at max.

Point Spread

Another bet focused on how many goals are scored is the point spread. This is actually betting on the goal difference between the two teams. It is usually marked as -1.0/+1.0. For example, you bet that one of the teams is going to win or lose with a certain goal difference. In this case, you bet that one of the teams will win or lose by 2 goals. If the difference is just one goal, the bet is pushed.

What to Pay Attention To

If you want to beat the sportsbooks and win some money, you need to cover the basics first and get your mind thinking clever. Success is all about knowing about the sport and teams that you bet on. Here are the most important aspects to look for:

Team Form – take time to learn about the recent form of a soccer team. See how many of their last games have been won, how many have been lost or drawn. Some teams have a better form when playing at home, and perform less when playing away etc.

News – find out if the key players of a soccer team are suspended, injured, or what their recent performance has been. Also, find out about recent team or statistical changes that may indicate the future performance of a team or individual.

Motivation – learn how motivated a team is for the upcoming game, what is the interest of the team, whether it needs a win in the next game and is the game important enough for it to win. Furthermore, find out if its key players are motivated.

Where Can I Place Soccer Bets Online?

There are many reputable online betting sites, and those that can be found at our site are 32RedHeyPokerWhiteBet and RedBet.

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