The History of Video Slot Machines

Video Slots, One of the Most Essential Part of the Casino History

Imagine how primitive the first slot machine was, an ugly mechanical machine that eats and spits out money when you pull the lever. Here is a brief history of Video Slot Machines

The first video slot machines were very different from what we know today. In fact, they weren’t even video slots, they were simply slot machines because there was no video technology of any kind. Just sheer mechanics.

Before all those buttons, electronics and touch screens, slot machines were simple machines that you had to activate by pulling a lever. The drums inside that we know as reels would start spinning and when they stopped the player would receive coins.

The first slots didn’t even give out coins. Instead they gave gumballs, free drinks, sweets or anything that could be consumed. They were conveniently located in bars, saloons, barber shops, cigar stores etc., until casinos and hotels adopted them in their premises. Can you guess which the biggest slot win today according to the Guinness Book of Records is? Incredible €17.8 million!!! It was won on the NetEnt’s online progressive jackpot slot called Mega Fortune by a Finnish guy at an online casino.

At first slot machines had only 3 reels. But, as manufacturers began evolving the concept, they introduced 2 more reels, so today 5-reel video slot machines are the ones that dominate the industry, although you can still play 3-reel slots as well.

Video slot machines have different names in different parts of the world. In the USA they are called “slots”, in Britain they call them “fruit machines”, in Australia and New Zealand they are called “pokies” etc. No matter what they are called, these games are loved by all.

Oh, how many joyful moments have slots created for us. Sad moments too, when we could have won a big amount of money if just one or two more symbols have aligned in the reels so that we could won the jackpot. But, that’s why we love slots. They give us excitement and suspense in their own way like no other casino game can.

Anyway, the first video slot machines had poker symbols on them, which is why they are called “pokies” in Australia (short for “pokers”). Today, they have all kinds of symbols, from the classic bells and fruits, to 3D animations like today we see in many NetEnt and Betsoft slots.

1891 – The Prototype
1895 – The First True Slot
1907 – Fruit Symbols and other Copycat manufacturers

1963 – Electromechanical Slots

1976 – The Coming of the Video Slot Machines

1990s – Online Video Slot Machines

1996 – Video Slot Machines with Second-Screen Bonus

2000s – 3D Slots