Online Video Slots Strategy

Learn How to Play Online Video Slots Strategically

Is there a way to get the best of online video slots despite being games of pure luck by using an online video slots strategy?


Just because everyone thinks that video slots are games to which no strategy can be applied it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore all the useful information about how to choose the right video slot game and how to employ an online video slots strategy. They are games of chance, true, but there is always something that you can do to get the best out of them in order to maximize your potential return.

Online Video Slots Variety

You will find hundreds of different video slot games at online casinos, but all of them are unique and different from one another. Your job is to choose the right one to which you can apply your playing tactics in the best possible manner. However, the opportunity to develop a genuine online video slots strategy is very small, so choosing the right video slot game is something that will make all the difference!

In essence, we can divide slots in two categories: video slots and classic slots. Video slots are mostly 5-reel slots, although there are those that have 9 reels, but very few. Classic slots have only 3-reels, and can also be called fruit machines. Anyway, both categories of slots are based on the same principle and the same rules, although they offer totally different experiences. This is because of the paylines.

Classic slots have only one payline, which means there is only one line to which the symbols can align in order to trigger a payout, while video slots can have up to 100 paylines, which means multiple different ways of winning money. However, the majority of video slots have 25 paylines. The more paylines you activate, the bigger your wager will be, but this also means more ways to get money and more frequent payouts.

Why Is One Online Video Slot Game Better Then Another?

When you have decided on what type of slot you want to wager, you will need to look at the paytable in order to further filter out the filth and select which slot is of value. A paytable will tell you how much you can win with different number of paylines and different symbol combinations, what online video slots strategy you can use regarding your bankroll. There you can see how much the jackpot is worth, what prizes can be won, what kind of features the game has and all the bonus rounds will be described if there are any.

If you are an absolute rookie, then you probably may need to take some time to understand the paytable. However, it shouldn’t take more than several minutes. Take some time by playing the slot in practice mode in order to get a better glimpse of it. Also, look for slots that have as less symbols as possible. The more symbols the game has, the more difficult will be for them to be aligned in a payline.

Don’t think that playing without real money in practice mode is a waste of time or that it is not as entertaining as playing for real money – consider this as a precious time spent on researching the game and a chance to see its pros and cons, as well as a chance to employ your online video slots strategy. This can make a huge difference once you decide to try the game for real money. Even if the layout of the slot seems similar to another slot, it doesn’t mean that the paytable is the same. There may be drastic differences in the winnings as well as the jackpot. The numbers in the paytable can influence how quick you can win money, but also how quickly you can lose them.

Numbers Are Everything

Selecting a video slot game means selecting it from a statistical point of view and looking it solely through numbers. This is very important in an online video slots strategy. If a video slot has a poor payout percentage, then you are bound to lose more money than you can win.

The payout percentage indicates how much of all that you have wagered will be returned to you on a longer term, without considering hitting the jackpot or a larger payout. For example, if an online video slot has a payout percentage of 96%, which means the house edge is 4%, you can expect to get $0.95 for every dollar wagered. This doesn’t mean that with each wager you will get 95% back out of it, because sometimes you will lose the entire wager, sometimes you will win an amount 3 times higher, sometimes 10 times your wager etc. However, the closer the payout percentage is to hundred percent, the better the odds are. Simply, it means you can win more.

Play Smart And Be Conscientious

Finally, managing your bankroll is essential in an online video slots strategy. If you want your money to last longer, adjust the bet size to the size of your bankroll. If you intend to play for a progressive jackpot, you will need a bigger bankroll than usual. But if you plan to play penny slots, then you can do with any bankroll you can come up with. Remember, the bigger the bets that you make, the bigger the payouts will be.