Online Video Poker Tips

Video Poker Tips and How to Improve Your Game

Fans of Jacks or Better Will Find Our Video Poker Tips Most Useful


Many online casino players start playing video poker blindly, but what they really should do is to take a couple of minutes to plan their playing strategy before they begin to throw their money away. There are plenty of things that you can do to minimize the house edge, so why not do that and play smart? Here are some video poker tips.

What to Do

These are the decisions that will make your online video poker experience great: choosing the online casino with the most generous bonus offer that has a realistic wagering requirement, choosing an online casino with a generous rewards or comp points program (it’s the same essentially), and a video poker game with the most favorable house edge. All of these decisions will enable a solid start and will help you become a winner.

However, they will not be enough if your poker skills are weak. If you really want to be successful you will have to do a lot more than just choose the right casino with the right bonus and the right video poker variations. You also need to know how to play video poker properly. Think of it this way: having a Lamborghini will not make you the best driver in the world if you don’t have the skills to drive it. You’ll just crash it! All you need to do is refine your skills and learn how to play video poker appropriately. But, do that with the video poker variation that you have in mind. If you want to perfect your game in Jacks or Better, then practice Jacks or Better. If you want to be the best at Deuces Wild, then play Deuces Wild. These are some general video poker tips, but read further for our tips on Jacks or Better.

Video Poker Tips for Jacks or Better

This is probably the most popular online video poker variation, one that is offered by virtually by every online casino regardless of what casino software it uses. Here are some tips:

  • In this game Royal Flush is the biggest payout, however, if you are in a situation where you have to decide whether to play your hand out by going for a Straight Flush or Royal Flush, always stick with the cards for Straight Flush.
  • Another ‘Always…’ tip is when you have a hand where you can go for a Straight, but you also have a high pair. In this case you should stick with the high pair. Do this if you have a chance for a Flush instead of a Straight.
  • If you have a hand with which you can go for a Straight or a Flush, always go for the Flush.
  • And finally, if you have a hand with the potential for a Straight Flush or Straight, always go for the Straight.

The point of these tips is to always stick with the hand that offers you a bigger potential to win. Going for the slightly better hand can be tempting, but it is also riskier. This is a bit conservative thinking, but it can help you a lot in preserving your money. Discipline is the key to success. Many video poker players waste the chance to have a winning hand in order to go for the more valuable hand, but in the end they get nothing. Listen to your instincts and resist the urge. There is no guarantee that you will win either way, but there is a guarantee that this way your chances are much higher. These are our best video poker tips, but check our website regularly in case we update our tips.