Online Video Poker Strategy

How To Play Online Video Poker With By Thinking Strategically

Use Your Poker Skills in Online Video Poker, a Casino Game With Probably The Best House Edge


Online video poker is definitely a skill game where a little luck is involved too. But, if you don’t know how to play it, your luck would be useless. This is not just endlessly spinning the reels like in video slots and hoping for the best like in some other games of pure chance. Here, you need to have at least basic poker skills and you need to think strategically. If you use an optimal strategy with some online video poker variations, you can actually turn the house edge into your favor by a fraction of a percent.

Wisely Choose Your Online Video Poker Game

There are plenty of online video poker variations out there. The average online casino has at least half a dozen of them, while any reputable online casino has at least a whole dozen. Some online casinos have over 20 variations depending on how many software providers are providing the games. Although each of the variations are good in their own ways, some are just better than the others, therefore it is really important to choose the right video poker variation. This can be critical to your success. It is very important to compare each and every variation, to see what options and what kind of special features they offer. More importantly, it is absolutely essential to find the video poker game that has the lowest house edge in order to achieve a maximum return. Graphics are the least important aspect that you need in video poker. What use do you have from good graphics if the game is not good?

Once you have decided which variation you want to play, you will need to do some practice in free play. This way you can see all the perks that the game offers and how you can make some money by playing it. It is very important to understand the paytable of the specific game and if it has any special features, like wild cards or special jackpots. By knowing what the special jackpots are you can play the game more consciously and try to win the biggest payout. Most of all take enough practice time while playing for free.

Play Intelligently

The key in playing online video poker successfully is to be disciplined. Think carefully about every move you have to make and don’t spend your bankroll too quickly. You need to yield favorable results on the longer term unless you hit a big payout after which you can just stop playing and enjoy the money in your private life. Try not to be lazy and research how it is best to play a certain online video poker variation. The internet is a marvelous thing and you will find lots of different resources like our website.

Playing with a discipline means playing a bit more conservatively and being careful with your bankroll. If you hit a losing streak, which is normal with every casino game, don’t be too stupid and chase your losses. Adjust the bets to your bankroll, although playing the maximum bet means much better payouts. However, your goal is to stay in the game as long as you can, so try not to make bets with which you will spend your bankroll very quick.