Online Video Poker Rules

Rules on How to Play Online Video Poker

Video Poker is the Ultimate Game for Poker Lovers That Wish to Play Poker at a Much Faster Rate and With Multiple Hands


Technically, a video poker machine works similar as a video slot machine. Video slots were probably the technology that inspired software companies to mix the concept of playing poker and slot machines, in order to come up with a computer-based poker game where you don’t need a dealer or other poker players in order to play. But you still need to use poker skills if you want to win. This way poker players received a game that could be played in private without getting nervous because of the pressure from the other opponents playing, which made video poker a perfect game for rookies.

Getting Started

First, you have to decide on how much money you are going to wager per hand with each bet. Depending on the video poker game, the Bet Max (betting the maximum bet) option gives you a shot at the highest possible payout. However, you don’t have to always bet the maximum. Instead it would be wiser to adjust the bet according to your bankroll, which means you will have to choose the appropriate coin size.

After you have set how many coins you are going to bet, just press ‘Deal’. If you have decided to bet the maximum bet, then press ‘Bet Max’. The computer will deal you a hand of five cards. This is when you have to decide which cards you want to keep for the second deal. Just press the buttons below each of the cards that you want to keep and press ‘Deal’ again. Your initial bet is valid for the second deal too. After the second deal, the computer will make a payout if you have a winning hand. If not, you start all over again. The principle is very simple, and all you have to do is think wisely which cards you are going to keep.

Hand Rankings

The ranking of the hands is the same as in plain old poker. The only thing different might be if the video poker game has a payout for a special hand, which will be indicated in the paytable. Almost every online video poker game has the paytable visibly displayed, so you don’t have to press the ‘Paytable’ button in order to see it as in the case of online video slots. The payout size of your winning hand depends on how much you have wagered. A bigger bet produces a higher payout.The highest rated hand in the majority of online video poker games is Royal Flush, consisted of 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace. All of these have to be of the same suite.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush