Online Video Poker Glossary

Glossary of Online Video Poker Terms

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Video Poker games were part of a great casino revolution in the 1970s when the casinos saw the light of computerized casino games like video slots and video poker machines. This revolution brought a new set of terms, which were used exclusively for these kinds of games, and here we want to present you the terms that poker players use through our video poker glossary.


Action – The money that you have wagered can also be called ‘action’.

Bankroll – In online casino context, the bankroll is the money that you have in your online casino account that you are using for playing the casino games. In a land-based casino context, a bankroll is all the chips that you have exchanged at the cashier in order to play the games.

Cash Back – Refers to the money returned to you by an online casino, usually as part of a promotion. This is usually a percentage of all your total wagering action or a percentage of your deposits made during a period of time.

Drawing Hand – When you miss one more specific card in your poker hand in order to achieve a better value.

Face Card – Cards that have pictures on them, like Queen, Jack or King.

Inside Straight – A hand that misses a card in order to be a Straight hand. This card is usually a card from the inside of the card sequence, for example, an Inside Straight hand is a hand that misses a 4 in a sequence consisted of Ace, 2, 3 and 5.

Kicker – The highest card in a hand. This card is not paired with the other cards, but instead serves as a tie breaker in table poker when the other opponent has the same hand.

Outside Straight – Similar to Inside Straight, only that here the card missing in the sequence is the last or the first card of the sequence i.e. outside card. For example, if you have a potential straight hand consisted of 2, 3, 4, and 5, the outside card missing is either an Ace or a 6. An Outside Straight hand is much easier to complete than an Inside Straight hand.

Paytable – A list of all the potential payouts in a video poker game, usually displayed above the cards on the screen.

Wild Card – Video Poker games use Wild Cards that can serve as a replacement for a card that is missing in a hand in order to trigger a payout. Different video poker variations use different Wild Cards. Some use the Joker as the Wild Card.