Online Roulette Tips

What to Keep in Mind

We Provide Some Extensive Online Roulette Tips In Which We Explain Important Aspects of the Game


People have tried to write extensively on what type of a strategy to use when playing roulette, but in essence there are not many things that you can do like you can in, for example, blackjack or poker. Roulette is more a game of chance than skill. Nevertheless, it can be played strategically. You just need to consider lots of different things if you want to be successful at roulette, from choosing the right online casino, to choosing the right roulette variation, how much you have to bet and other things. We have covered all of that in this article and have prepared it as important online roulette tips.

Online Roulette Tips: Carefully Pick the Roulette Variation

Most important of all roulette tips is to find the online roulette game that will give you the most advantage. There are plenty of variations, including VIP editions, multi-wheel roulette games and so on, but the best is the one with the fewest numbers, European or French roulette. Actually, Mini Roulette would be even better, because it has twice less numbers, but not every online casino has it. Anyway, European and French both have 37 numbers, while American has 38, which increases the house edge significantly and both of them can be found at virtually every online casino. American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%, while the edge for European roulette is twice as lower.

Online Roulette Tips: Find the Right Online Casino

Not all online casinos offer the same favorable conditions for playing online roulette. Always make sure that European roulette is offered, preferably with the ‘En prison’ rule. Most of all, study the bonuses that the casino gives to its players. Bonuses give you an opportunity to play with some extra money and not just the ones that you can afford to deposit. Just make sure that the bonus terms and conditions are fair and that the wagering requirements are reasonable. Anyway, the online casinos that we have reviewed and presented at this site are all recommended by the gaming community, so you should have the least trouble with them. Our job is to find the best casinos and your job is to test them and see for yourself if we have graded them good. Just relax, have fun and leave the tough job to us.

Online Roulette Tips: Bankroll Management

This is a subject that can be applied to virtually any casino game. However, roulette players should take notice of this more carefully. Managing your bankroll can keep you in the game much longer compared to just making random bets. Successful bankroll management means more chances to hit a hot streak. There are systems that help you adjust your bet size to the size of your bankroll by form of simple mathematical calculations, so we would advise you make a good online research about this. Instead of playing 100 spins per hour with your money, a good bankroll management system can increase this up to 250 spins per hour, which means more chances to make some good bets. It is always good to quit playing after a hot streak and walk away with your profit. If you hit a losing streak, then never try to make up for it and save what you have left.