Online Blackjack Glossary

Glossary of Online Blackjack Terms

A Blackjack Glossary Is A Very Useful Tool In Learning The Blackjack Language Used In Casinos


The best way to learn the important blackjack terms is to use a blackjack glossary. We have prepared a blackjack glossary with some of the most important terms that every blackjack player must know. Feel free to use this blackjack glossary anytime you feel the need to read about the terms and their definitions.

Bankroll – Your bankroll is the entire amount of money that you bring to the blackjack table in a land-based casino, or all the money that you have in your online casino account, which you use to play casino games.

Bust – If your blackjack hand exceeds the value of 21 points, that hand is called a ‘bust’. When your hand busts you lose your entire bet.

Card Counting – A system with which you can determine what kind of cards remain in the deck of cards. Using a card counting system in online blackjack is virtually impossible.

Double Down – Deciding to double your initial bet, but only at the cost of receiving only one additional card.

Face Card – Face cards are Jack, Queen and King.

Face Down Card – In blackjack only the dealer has a face down card. A face down card is a card whose value is not visible.

Face Up Card – Any card that is visible to the players.

Hard Hand – A hand that doesn’t have an Ace in it.

Hit – A command with which you can request another card by the dealer. In online blackjack this is performed by pressing the ‘Hit’ button.

House Edge – The house edge is determined as a statistical advantage of the house over your bets. The house edge is what produces the casino’s profits.

Natural Blackjack – A blackjack hand consisted of only two cards: an Ace and a card with the value of ten such as Ten, Jack, Queen or King.

Push – When you and the dealer have the same hand value it is called a ‘Push’, which is essentially a tie, and therefore you get your bet back.

Soft Hand – Every hand that contains one or more Aces is called a soft hand.

Surrender – Giving up your hand in order to receive half of your bet back. This is most appropriate when you think that you don’t have a chance to win the round on the account of a bad hand value.