Online Baccarat Strategy

Do You Have a Baccarat Strategy?

Learn a Baccarat Strategy in this Guide for Playing Online Baccarat


Just like many other casino games, baccarat too is a mixture of both skill and luck. Your luck cannot be improved by reading and learning about other people’s luck, but skills on the other hand can be easily improved if you read about the success of skilled gamblers and receive their advice. All you need is a bit of strategic thinking, an understanding of the game. That way you can absolutely increase your chance to become great in baccarat. Here in this article we give you a baccarat strategy about how to play smart.

There are three bets: banker bet, player bet and tie bet. We can eliminate the tie bet right from the start. It has a very big house edge (14.12%) which is higher than even the worst online video slot edge, and a very low winning probability of 9.54%. This means that only in 9.54% of cases you can win the tie bet, which is ridiculous. Do yourself a favor, and never bet on a tie if you don’t want to lose money.

The banker and the player bet are very similar, but slightly different. The house will always bet on the banker bet, because it has a smaller house edge, and so should you. Even with the 5% commission that the house gets on all banker bets, you still are better off with the banker bet. And this is why: the player bet has a house edge of 1.23%, while the banker bet has an even smaller edge, 1.06%. This makes baccarat one of the lowest edge games. Even from a statistical point of view the banker bet is better and even if we include the commission in the house edge, it still leaves you with a smaller house edge than the player bet, only 1.17%.

Online Baccarat Strategy: Strategic Thinking

How to Win Even Before You Start Playing

Before we delve into a betting baccarat strategy, we want to give you pointers on how to think like a winner. The house will always have an advantage over its players, but very few players understand how to eliminate that advantage. One of the best ways to do that is to use the nature of its business against it. For example, you should always take advantage of the bonuses and casino promotions. This means bigger bankroll for you, and more money to wager and eventually win back. If you cannot afford to deposit more than $100, why not take a casino bonus with which you can double your deposit and thus play with $200? Look for casinos that have regular cash-back promotions, generous comp or loyalty programs, and look for all the opportunities to get free cash.

Baccarat Strategy Tips

#1 Learn the Game

Baccarat in part is a game of luck, and in part it is a game of skill. But, there are still important baccarat strategy tips to affect the odds of winning, and to do that you need to learn everything necessary about the game. And you need to practice a lot. You can do that for free directly at online casinos. Browse through some of the ones that we have reviewed and find a baccarat game. All of these casinos offer their games for practice. This way you will know how much you understand the game before venturing into real money wagering.

#2 Don’t Get Greedy

Baccarat can be a very generous game, but it can also cost you much if you don’t control yourself. The best advice that casino experts give about baccarat is to quit after a small series of winning bets, because you cannot guarantee that your hot streak will continue. Eventually the house will hit a winning streak and you might end up losing your profits.

#3 Never Make the Tie Bet

Three words: 14% House Edge. The End.

#4 Number of Decks

If you can find a casino that offers baccarat with no more than 6 decks, than go with that casino because the fewer decks are used, the better the odds for the player are.

#7 Don’t Spend Money on Baccarat Systems

The internet is filled with people that claim they have the perfect baccarat system. If they did, they wouldn’t need to make money out of selling them. They would simply use them to win at baccarat.

Baccarat Strategy That Works

There are several betting strategies that people use for different casino games, like blackjack or roulette. They are popular in the casino gaming community and can be applied to baccarat too. These strategies are called Martingale, D’alembert, Labouchere etc., but one of them has proved to give a slight theoretical advantage. It is the 1-3-2-6 betting strategy. There is no proof that these work, but since gamblers use them we will assume they do.

Here is an explanation of how the 1-3-2-6 strategy works:

This baccarat strategy can help you lose less frequently than usual. It also helps you make no more than two risky bets in sequence. The numbers that make up the name of this baccarat strategy indicate the number of chips that you need to place.

So, we begin by placing 1 chip. If you win, you get your chip back plus another one. The next bet will be consisted of 3 chips. If you win this round too, you get your 3 chips back plus you win 3 more chips. In the third round you need to bet 2 chips. If you win this round too, you will need to bet 6 chips in the fourth round and then you start the betting sequence all over again.

What is so great about this baccarat strategy? The point is that if you win all four betting rounds, you will be 12 chips ahead. And with each bet you risk only 2 chips at maximum. If you win the first two rounds you are already in profit. Even if you lose the next bet you are in profit. If you win the three bets, but lose the fourth, you break even, so you didn’t actually suffer any loss.