Online Baccarat Glossary

A Helpful Baccarat Glossary

Read this Baccarat Glossary and Learn How to Talk Like a Professional Baccarat Gambler


Just like every casino game, there is a glossary of terms for baccarat too. By reading and learning this baccarat glossary you will no longer feel intimidated by the game. Instead you will feel empowered and you will gain more understanding of the game. This is especially true for casino players that are new to baccarat. We have included the most important terms, so refer to this baccarat glossary constantly until you feel you have learned it well.


Banco – This is another term for the banker bet. It is used in the ‘Punto Banco’ variation, which is a variation of the standard baccarat game. The Banco bet has a smaller house edge which makes it a slightly better than the Punto bet (see ‘Punto’).

Bankroll – The total amount of money that you intend to use for playing a casino game(s). In online casino context, the bankroll is the money that you have in your casino account. In land-based casino context, the bankroll is the amount of chips that you have with you in the casino.

Burn – In baccarat the first card in the shoe is removed out of action, and it is called a ‘burn’ card. This is usually done in land-based casinos or in live dealer baccarat games in order to disrupt the order of cards so that is more difficult for card counters to count the cards.

Call Man – In some casinos the Dealer is referred to as the Call Man.

Commission – The commission is a small percentage, a maximum of 5%, which is applied to the banker bet.

Face Down Card – The card that is faced down and its value is not visible until it is turned up.

Face Up Card – The card that is faced up and its value is visible to the players.

Face Card – All Jacks, Kings and Queens are called ‘face cards’. Face cards in baccarat are worth 0. So are the tens.

La Grande – A French word for a natural hand worth 9 consisted of two cards.

La Petite – French for a natural hand worth 8.

Natural – A hand consisted of just two cards whose value is 8 or 9. The person with a natural hand wins the round and no third cards are given.

Punto – A term used for the player bet. It comes from the ‘Punto Banco’ variation. A Punto bet has a higher edge than a Banco bet.

Shoe – In land-based and live dealer casinos all cards are kept in a box, which is called the Shoe.

Stand-Off – When two hands have the same value and there is a chance of a tie even after the third cards are dealt.