Online Baccarat FAQ

Online Baccarat FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Online Baccarat


Since there are players that are not very familiar with online baccarat, we have prepared this online baccarat FAQ, where baccarat beginners can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this game.


Q: Is Baccarat Similar to Blackjack?

It can be said that baccarat is similar to blackjack, only that it is much easier game.

Q: Am I Restricted to Make Bets Only on the Player Hand?

No. Even though it may seem logical for the player to bet only on the player hand, you can bet on the banker hand too.

Q: Does the Banker Hand Pay More?

Both bets pay even money. This means that if you bet $1 dollar on either the banker or the player hand, you will get back $1 if you win. If you place $1 on a tie, you get $8 back (or $9, depending on the casino). However, the banker bet has a much smaller house edge than the player bet.

Q: Are Card Values The Same as in Blackjack?

Up to some point. The only difference is in the value of the face cards, which is 0. You can read more about the card values in our Online Baccarat Rules article.

Q: What Hand Value Do You Need to Win?

You need to have a hand value closest to 9. This is the highest hand value in baccarat. You can read more about hand values in our Online Baccarat Rules article.

Q: How Do I Know Which Online Casino is Best for Baccarat?

Until you learn how to differentiate a good from a bad online casino, you can use the online casinos that we have reviewed. We review them based on important parameters like how many baccarat variations they have, if they have good bonuses, how reputable they are in the online gaming community, if they have unresolved disputes with their customers etc. We select only casinos that represent the best in the online casino industry.

Q: What Do I Need to Play Online Baccarat?

All you need is a computer, laptop, Smartphone or a tablet, an internet connection and a good online casino. You can play online baccarat games directly on the website of the online casino that offers the game, and you can do that either in free mode or in real money mode.