MLB Betting (Futures)

In my second article about MLB betting I want to give you an idea of what is futures betting. Futures betting is when you bet on a future event and put your money on a potential winner, which means you make a prediction of who will win a future event. This can be the World Series or anything else.

Futures betting or futures bets include studying past performances so that you can make an informed decision and increase your chances of guessing the right winner. This includes scrutinizing each MLB team and his chances to improve or be the favorit in the coming season or event. The trick is to make an estimate which teams have the highest potential to win their respective divisions and win wild cards. Then all you need to do is narrow your picks down to six teams, and then work your way down to picking the best of them and put a futures bet on that team as the potential World Series winner.

Passionate baseball lovers enjoy making futures bets. To successfully bet the next World Series winner is the highest honor in baseball, which can be a difficult task considering there are 30 teams fighting for the title.

We have seen very interesting futures payoffs in the past 30 years in the MLB. The Diamondbacks in 2001, the Blue Jays in their first-ever appearance in 1992; The Twins in 1991; The Mets in 1986; The Kansas City Royals in 1985 etc. Some of these futures bets had odds of 300 to 1!

First Task in Futures Betting: See Past Performances

Past performances can help you because some teams are very consistent throughout the years. This can help you greatly to determine the team with the steady potential to be at the very top. The best way to estimate the favorite are title winning streaks which can go back as far as 5 years back. This indicates that the teams are consistently spending whatever it costs to be the top team.

The first task in futures betting is doing a research on Division winners, Pennant winners and Wolrd Series champions. When you notice which teams have been consistent in these aspects, you can easily figure out which are the 6 best teams. Compare the numbers with their titles and rely on total games won, and you will be able to make a good futures bet with up to 40% success.

Second Task: Team Composition

Being a good scout pays off when researching on the team composition. Watching ESPN can help you greatly if you don’t know how to do it. Other notable sports media have good analysis too. This way you get an idea which team has an improved roster and which team has lost key guys.

Third Task: Big Players and Rookies

A team’s performance is greatly affected by star players or strong rookies. We have seen many such examples over the history. So, the third key task is to estimate whether a player can live up to his name, willl he hit 40 home runs, get 100 RBI’s, bat .320 etc. Or, predict a player’s breakout season. Just analyze the player’s stats and determine which one will be able to excel based on the changes in the team and the surroundings.

Fourth Task: Rely on Your Instinct

Going with the gut instinct is very important. Relying on just numbers is effective, but not everytime numbers succeed, so this is where making a combined decision based on numbers and your gut instinct is important. Even betting experts have agreed long time ago that the key in successfully picking a winner and lukewarm favorite is your gut instinct i.e. there is a thin line between both. Put all the numbers together, follow the teams performances, watch out for the team’s moral, their training performance and you will be a successful futures bettor. Compare every team how they stack up against each other and see what the odds tell.

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