MLB Betting (Alternative Runlines)

Note: This is the first article from a series that will follow about MLB betting.

Alternative runlines in MLB betting can offer much bigger payouts the standard runlines. The principle is relatively the same, only that the odds alter. There are several different varieties of runlines. A traditional runline can be defined as a point spread with a moneyline. Alternative runlines allow you to bet on different spreads, but essentially it’s the same type of betting.

One alternative ruline typically offered by big sportsbooks goes like this: the favorite takes 1.5 runs instead of laying 1.5 runs. This way he becomes the underdog and betting on him means much lower payout than a standard runline. But, the great thing is that with alternative runlines the underdog bets pay much more.

You want even much heavier payout? You don’t have sufficient confidence in the underdog? Then why not lay 2.5 runs instead of laying 1.5 runs. There are many risky possibilities with alternative runlines when betting on MLB games. However, you should be careful because not every alternative runline is suitable for every game. Sometimes they are posted to lure you into making a bet where it makes sense at first glance.

Types of Alternative Runlines

Oftentimes there are mismatch games where one of the teams is an absolute favorite and has the potential to win by a fairly significant difference. Factors that you need to consider in such cases is whether the underdog team has been severely beaten in previous games or has a pitcher that doesn’t match up well, or if the favorite team has players with hot bats. In such games the higher payout coming from the risk of laying 2.5 runs may be well worth. If the favorite can win by 3 or more runs then you will be leaving with even more cash. If you are not sure if the favorite has a chance to win by more runs, then you can cover the riskier bet with a moneyline bet. You can do lots of different combinations with the bet amounts on the alternative runlines and the moneylines.

Another type of alternative runlines betting is exploiting the underdog, which has some solid chances to come out as the winner. An alternative runline of about -1.5 (+210) for an underdog of +145 is a very often. This is an increase of almost fifty percent on your payout in a game where you are pretty much confident that the weaker team can win the game.

Sometimes a team is falsely accredited as a favorite just because the public is used to that team being a favorite. This is when you can leverage the value of the alternative runline by betting on a hot underdog going against a favorite that has variable performances.

Or, you can create your own line. If the lines available are not suitable for you, you can always make your own line based on your expertise about a game. For example, this can be a situation where you can make a moneyline bet on an underdog, plus a bet on the alternative runline with a spread of -1, instead of -1.5. This alternative runline offers less risk, but better payout than the moneyline bet.

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