History of Pub Fruit Machines in the United Kingdom

Pubs in United Kingdom were once popular for the fruit machines that customers loved to play

The first slot machines that could be found in pubs across UK resembled large cash registers. They had large spinning wheels with strips of fruit symbols on them such as cherries and watermelons. Now their mechanical hearts are replaced with computer chips and their reels are represented through flashy LCD screens, but still they have that old-school feel in them.

The history of pub fruit machines begins with slot machines being brought into England from America. They were ruled to be illegal which led to the pub-style fruit machines to be invented. They were illegal mainly because they were non-interactive with results formed in a completely automated fashion.

History of Pub Fruit Machines in the United Kingdom

Contrary to that, the UK pub fruit machine games involved lots of interaction, which resulted with them being legal. They could be found across pubs in the 1960s across the United Kingdom and were usually enjoyed with a pint of beer.

In the UK there are strict laws about gambling machines. Today they are regulated with the Gambling Act 2005, which superseded the Gaming Act 1968. Now these games are defined by the Gambling Commission as part of the legislation and they are divided into 8 categories: A, B1, B2, B3, B3A, B4, C and D. A pub slot is defined in one of these depending on the maximum stake and maximum prize amount. However, pubs are allowed to have only machines from the B4, C and D categories, which are the lowest paying ones (jackpots between £8 up to £250).

The UK pub fruit machine games were popular for their ‘Nudge’ feature. This feature was invented by Trevor Carter, son of Albert Carter the co-founder of the dissolved Carfield Engineers Ltd that used to design pub fruit machines. He got an idea of implementing a ‘Nudge’ button, with which a player could nudge the machine in cases when only one symbol was missing from forming a jackpot line.

History of Pub Fruit Machines in the United Kingdom

If the missing symbol was just above the winning position, he could nudge the machine and set it in the winning line. The machines were an instant success and soon the feature was further enhanced in the 1970s allowing reels to be nudged up and down or even for multiple reels to be nudged.

In the past many people played fruit machines across pubs in the United Kingdom. Back in the days you used your extra change from a pint to play a fruit machine and you walked away with a few quid up. Most popular were the Weatherspoon Pubs. They were once renowned as a place where you could get a proper beer, eat something along the way and gamble a little.


Now people tend to avoid them because they are nothing what they used to be. Customers report that their beer has a bit odd taste as if it was not conditioned correctly, the service is really disappointing and low-paying fruit machines are lurking round every single corner.

Anyway, fruit machines in pubs have a very high house edge compared to online fruit games. Pub fruit machines have a payout rate of 78%, while online fruit machines can have a payout rate up to 96%. Luckily, many of the fruit machines popular across pubs and their variations can now be found online across online casinos. These are even more exciting because players are usually offered casino bonuses which can be used to play them, and that means more chances to win without risking your own money.

As a result the biggest trend among online players is to find casino bonuses that are fresh and valid for some of the currently best slot machines. Even though they lack the social touch because you tend to stay at home while playing them, you can save money on taking the trip to a local casino or pub plus you play under much favourable conditions.

History of Pub Fruit Machines in the United Kingdom

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